Luke 17: Your Life Is Not Just About Your Life


Honor Flows From Humility

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My Message From Sunday

I got called into speak at our weekend services. I had about 24 hours to prep. Not my style but it was good for me to rely on God. I talked about what I consider my life message. “Having a Teachable Attitude.” Here it is in case you missed it.

Decade Recap

Slick Rick Ringtone

At our DECADE event, which was NLC’s 10 year anniversary service, we just HAD to give everyone a gift. We figured a ringtone of our Pastor rapping would be quite appropriate. A couple of years ago when our creative team was shooting a video of Rick, he started rapping during one of the breaks. He thought the cameras were turned off. They weren’t. And thank God for this ringtone. Enjoy

Decade Pics

Decade has come and gone. It was pretty amazing to see all of our campuses come together to celebrate New Life Church’s ten year anniversary. Around 13,000 people gathered to worship God in the Verizon Arena in Little Rock, Arkansas and give God the honor He deserves for ten years of awesome ministry through NLC. Enjoy the pics!

Selecting Leaders: Influence


The second quality I look for when selecting leaders is influence. Now we know that influence isn’t enough. But it sure is something. You definitely don’t want to build a team of non-influencers. I would caution you to not build a “cool club” team. That’s why character and influence have to go together. But you want people on your leadership team that can actually lead others and are influential. I think anyone can be taught how to have influence. But for some it just comes more natural. I always look to build my teams with naturally influential people.

Also, some people are made to follow more than lead. So when you put them in leadership positions they will more than likely disappoint themselves and you as the leader.  Some are born to lead. Some are not. If everyone was a leader then we would have chaos. Some prefer to assist or follow.

Questions I ask:

  • Do people want to follow them?
  • Do they speak up in a group?
  • Are they opinionated?
  • Are they solution-oriented?
  • Are they a good communicator?
  • Do people want to be like them?
  • Are they going anywhere in their life?
  • Would they be a good recruiter?