My Message From Sunday

I got called into speak at our weekend services. I had about 24 hours to prep. Not my style but it was good for me to rely on God. I talked about what I consider my life message. “Having a Teachable Attitude.” Here it is in case you missed it.


Selecting Leaders: Influence


The second quality I look for when selecting leaders is influence. Now we know that influence isn’t enough. But it sure is something. You definitely don’t want to build a team of non-influencers. I would caution you to not build a “cool club” team. That’s why character and influence have to go together. But you want people on your leadership team that can actually lead others and are influential. I think anyone can be taught how to have influence. But for some it just comes more natural. I always look to build my teams with naturally influential people.

Also, some people are made to follow more than lead. So when you put them in leadership positions they will more than likely disappoint themselves and you as the leader.  Some are born to lead. Some are not. If everyone was a leader then we would have chaos. Some prefer to assist or follow.

Questions I ask:

  • Do people want to follow them?
  • Do they speak up in a group?
  • Are they opinionated?
  • Are they solution-oriented?
  • Are they a good communicator?
  • Do people want to be like them?
  • Are they going anywhere in their life?
  • Would they be a good recruiter?

My Leadership Principles #4


Matthew 23:11-12 “11 The greatest among you will be your servant. 12 For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

This verse is one that I try to always meditate on and apply in my life. Especially when I start thinking about going to the next level or being promoted or gaining more influence.

This word “exalt” means “to lift up” or “to raise to dignity.” It carries with it a meaning of earning respect and influence. No one followers proud leaders anymore.

I jotted down some things that seem to happen in people that follow you  when you lead from humility.

  • They will feel comfortable being honest with you.
  • They won’t talk bad about you.
  • They won’t let others talk bad about you.
  • They will publicly respect and honor you.
  • They won’t see a selfish agenda.
  • They will see God in you.

God promotes leaders that are humble. I want to be one of them.

My Leadership Principles #3


It’s easy for leaders to dominate everything because they want things to be done perfectly. This is a no no and leads to major burnout. Very poor leadership. I’ve got to be honest though. I’ve been really weak on this one for a while but I’m changing it and it’s working!

It Creates Ownership In Others: We all want the people under us to be pumped up and excited but it won’t happen if they don’t feel needed. John Maxwell said if someone under you can do the job at least 80% as good as you then let them do it. This will create leaders that act like owners. They are now members of the family not hired hands.

More Stuff Gets Done: As leaders we want stuff to get done. A good sign is when there is stuff getting done and you didn’t even know about it. You didn’t even know it needed to be done and it’s getting done. That’s good leadership. For a leader to have to mentally keep up with everything that needs to get done is a disaster waiting to happen.

Relieves Pressure: The times where I’ve been diligent to trust my team, I’ve walked away feeling like a new man. Leaders don’t become great when they do everything! They become great when they get others to do their part!

Delegate Authority: Most of the time when we delegate we do it halfway. We just want people to do something we want done. It’s better to delegate authority because this creates leaders. Delegating tasks creates followers. Eventually we need to trust them to make the decisions.

Helps You Specialize: When daily operational stuff is out of your way then you can move on to focus on areas of greater strength for you. I used to do everything for the college ministry I’m a part of until I’ve now passed everything on to my right hand man. Now I’m focusing on communication, vision, networking, and meeting with leaders.

My Leadership Principles: #1


Have you ever paid attention to who speaks to who first? When you see someone you know do you wait for them to greet you? Do you usually do the greeting? Do you ignore people?  My opinion is that leaders should speak first. Followers wait to be spoken to. I understand this because I used to be a follower. And even now that I see myself as a leader I forget that this simple principle is so important. So I’ve been training myself to always speak to people first.

When leaders wait to be spoken to it:

  • Seems like insecurity. We can’t be intimidated by other people. We are leaders.
  • Seems like we don’t care about people. Our number one mission is people!
  • Seems passive. Leaders are active in social settings. We shouldn’t wait for people to come to us.
  • It just doesn’t seem right. Leaders should be set environments.

Speak first. I’m working hard on this. It’s just a good leadership principle to live by.