Luke 17: Your Life Is Not Just About Your Life


Decade Recap

Team Building

I’ve recently been studying team building while pursuing my masters in Christian leadership at Liberty University. It’s prompted me to organize thoughts on how I build my teams. I figured I would share them with all the team builders out there.

The first thing that comes to mind is importance of selecting the leaders on the team. It’s absolutely amazing you can accomplish when you have the right people in the right spots. You can take over a field in business, win a city, build a dynasty, and pretty much do anything with the right team. Jesus hand picked his twelve members and so should we.

Over the next few posts I will share qualities that I look for in potential team members or leaders.

Here are some excellent books on team building:

Elevation Pics

Here are some pics from our first service of the year back on Aug. 29. We had over 700 college-age students between our 2 services. It was an epic night! Loved it.

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Conversations About Dating

Just started my favorite series!

Elevation is Coming Back!

Elevation Little Rock

I’ve been praying a lot about the starting of something new in Little Rock. On August 29th we are starting an Elevation college ministry in Little Rock. There’s not many who have attempted multi-site college ministries so it will be a work in progress. I’m preparing myself for a whirlwind of learning. Yes, I just said “whirlwind.”