Here are a few updates from the Kimbrows:

  • We sold are house! Now we need to find a lot to build on.
  • McAllister broke his arm…yep. Broken arm. You may be asking, “How did he break his arm?” Well, he fell off the back of the couch as he attempted one of his new ninja jump moves. Seriously.
  • I have a new favorite band. Boyce Avenue. They are quite amazing. If you go to their YouTube page you will be listening for a while. Lots of cool cover songs.
  • Business Time is going great. Free marriage enrichment training at NLC. One week left.
  • I have been playing racquetball like a mad man. Will I be THAT old guy? Or am I already him?…
  • So sad what has happened in Japan. Praying for them. So heartbreaking.
  • I’m reading Seth Godin’s book¬†Linchpin. Great book.


Slick Rick Ringtone

At our DECADE event, which was NLC’s 10 year anniversary service, we just HAD to give everyone a gift. We figured a ringtone of our Pastor rapping would be quite appropriate. A couple of years ago when our creative team was shooting a video of Rick, he started rapping during one of the breaks. He thought the cameras were turned off. They weren’t. And thank God for this ringtone. Enjoy

Mark Driscoll on DL Hughley

I’m not a huge fanatic of Mark Driscoll but I did think he did a good job in this interview.

I Have A Dream

Run DMC, Frozen Kimbrows, Elevation, & Blog Changes

  • Everyone should follow Rev Run on Twitter. Some good wisdom.
  • Rick Warren did a great series of messages called “Radicalis.” Interesting take on the word “radical.” Ironically, Elevation is doing a series called “Modern Radicals” starting Jan. 24.
  • The high temp on Friday in Arkansas is like 18 degrees. We are not used to this.
  • Elevation starts back Jan. 17.
  • 174 Elevation students are serving in New Life Church. Pretty amazing to me.
  • Probably going to change the look of my blog soon. Too dark for me. Agree? Thoughts?
  • Cool new iphone app that keeps men accountable X3¬†Watch.
  • Not really shocking but still makes me angry. Kid’s Top 100 Searches for 2009

Facebook’s New Office

Facebook’s New Cool Office! | Interior Designs And Home Ideas.

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