Big Kimbrow Family News


We are obviously very excited to have another little one due September 13th. Thanks for all the love and support you all have given us on Facebook and Twitter. We look forward to adding to the Kimbrow family!


What the world needs

What the world needs is more coaches. More mentors. More advisors.

Everyone needs a life coach.

Someone that:

  • Instills confidence in us.
  • Teaches us.
  • Challenges us.
  • Encourages us.
  • Pulls the potential out of us.
  • Trains us thoroughly.
  • Asks us good questions.
  • Lets us fail.
  • Explains things to us.
  • Believes in us.

A few years of talking to college students and I’ve noticed a trend. Students that had a great dad that was a mentor or coach to them are making great decisions in life. Most students aren’t which means most students didn’t have a great dad.

I’ve recently told my wife Ashley that maybe we should only have two kids. We’ve always wanted four but I just want to raise my kids right. She doesn’t like that ideas. But will I really have time to adequately train up four kids at once?  

I want to raise kids that are leaders on this earth and that live with understanding and that are thoroughly briefed on life issues. I want to have lengthy Q & A sessions with my son on money and sex and go on frequent dates with my daughter and talk about whatever she wants to talk about. I want that so bad because I see so many fatherless 20 yr olds that are lost, confused, and floating around with no direction. No dad. No mentor. No life coach. No one to teach them how to change a tire or about the purpose of dating. No one to break things down and to speak to their potential. 

I guess I’m in the right profession. I encourage you to find someone that is fatherless. Invest in them. Speak life into them. Challenge them. Make them think. 

The world will be a better place if you do.

Tiger Mac

Ashley holding the tiger.

Is that a tiger over there?

Tiger Mac

My mom holding the tiger.

My dad holding the tiger.

More Baby Mac Pics

We've had lots of father-son time. Believe me.

Look at those rolls!

Who knows?...He stays hungry so that is my guess.

Top Ten Things I Learned During Birth of My Son

10. Get unlimited text messaging.
 9. Bring your own bedding husbands…trust me. 
 8. Venti Starbucks doubleshots on ice were put on this planet for a reason.
 7. I love my family and friends. They are priceless. 
 6. Baby farts smell WAY worse than adult ones. 
 5. Moms, don’t try to please everyone. It’s your eggo that’s prego.
 4. You always have an easy icebreaker in the elevator.
 3. Words cannot describe the first time you see your child. 
 2. My wife is incredible! I don’t know how she did what she did. 
 1. God loves me more than I love my son…wow. 

Before pic…we were both nervous.

Ashley’s very specific and extensive birth plan. I 

like a woman that knows what she wants.

I had no idea what these were til later. Check out 

the pic in the background…cool.

He’s blowing bubbles at me.

He sees his momma!

My first father and son pic.

Dr. Andrew Cole. I would mos def recommend.

Our friends.

More friends.

He is such cool little guy.

Who do you think he looks like? Give your opinion HERE