Big Willie Medley



My Wife Going Crazy After Mavs Win!

What is the Internet?

Slick Rick Ringtone

At our DECADE event, which was NLC’s 10 year anniversary service, we just HAD to give everyone a gift. We figured a ringtone of our Pastor rapping would be quite appropriate. A couple of years ago when our creative team was shooting a video of Rick, he started rapping during one of the breaks. He thought the cameras were turned off. They weren’t. And thank God for this ringtone. Enjoy

I Want To Go Do This NOW

Tim Hawkins

I love Tim Hawkins. Even if he makes fun of Arkansas.

Father Son Moment

Our good friends got engaged yesterday and they had a celebration by the lake.  My son McAllister loves to go swimming. He tends to steal the show wherever he goes. Here’s how it went down.

Mac sees body of water.

Fullsprint off the dock.

Belly flop into the lake.

Daddy takes off shoes and pulls him in like a hero. 🙂

Daddy is 50% frustrated, 50% laughing.

Daddy puts hands on knees to calm down/laugh.

Photographer happens to capture the moment.

Mac takes Daddy’s shoe and throws it in the water.

Daddy goes into water to get shoe.