Here are a few updates from the Kimbrows:

  • We sold are house! Now we need to find a lot to build on.
  • McAllister broke his arm…yep. Broken arm. You may be asking, “How did he break his arm?” Well, he fell off the back of the couch as he attempted one of his new ninja jump moves. Seriously.
  • I have a new favorite band. Boyce Avenue. They are quite amazing. If you go to their YouTube page you will be listening for a while. Lots of cool cover songs.
  • Business Time is going great. Free marriage enrichment training at NLC. One week left.
  • I have been playing racquetball like a mad man. Will I be THAT old guy? Or am I already him?…
  • So sad what has happened in Japan. Praying for them. So heartbreaking.
  • I’m reading Seth Godin’s book Linchpin. Great book.


Big Kimbrow Family News


We are obviously very excited to have another little one due September 13th. Thanks for all the love and support you all have given us on Facebook and Twitter. We look forward to adding to the Kimbrow family!

What Were We Thinking?

Pumpkin Patch

Ashley and I took Mac to the pumpkin patch the other day and I captured this pic on my iPhone. Thought it was pretty sweeeeet.

Bath Time

Mac Calls The Hogs


  • My role at NLC is changing a little bit  a lot (a big bit?). More on that soon.
  • What if Will Ferrell replaced Steve Carell on The Office? Jason Bateman? I know…there is no replacement for Steve Carell.
  • Elevation is starting back Aug. 29th. We are starting a second location at our Little Rock campus. E X C I T E D.
  • I’m almost done with this book. Great book about getting things done and being productive.
  • Razorback fans, your welcome in advance for this video of Mac.
  • Big Screen series at NLC is incredible.
  • NLC is starting a campus in a Cabot on Sep. 18/19.
  • Heading to Dallas tomorrow with for a little pastor’s getaway with the staff.
  • I’m thinking about moving more to a video blog because I think it might be easier and more fun. I’m having a hard time updating consistently.