Jason & Ashley Kimbrow

My wife and I are college pastors at an awesome church called New Life Church in Conway, Arkansas. The college ministry is called Elevation. I’ve committed my life to equip young leaders to step up and follow Christ. My journey has been priceless and I feel like I’ve just begun. We just had our first child, McAllister Jase. He’s awesome! My wife, Ashley, is my best friend and the greatest woman I know. I am so glad she married me! She is very involved with the college ministry and leads a women’s conference every year called The Red Conference.


On December 31, 1999, I had a wake up call from God. My life had been very empty for many years. Alcoholism, drugs, lying, insecurity, addictions, bad dating relationships. I really struggled with who I was. Who is Jason Kimbrow? I remember praying desperately that God would do something to force me to grow and be myself. I knew I had something better. My friends were getting deeper into drugs and alcohol and sex. I didn’t want to keep doing this with my life. So I was arrested and thrown into a holding cell on the night of Y2K. Public intoxication. My Dad picked me up from the county jail at 3:30 am. That was a long, silent ride home. I did not turn into a perfect angel after that night but it drove me to make some major changes in my life. Slowly I began to become Jason. Jason was supposed to be nice and love people. Be unselfish and a servant. Patient and humble. So I started to try to become the things that I knew I was supposed to become. I began to have a passion for the Bible and the stories in it. And then I did what I said I would never do. I told God that I would be a leader in the church. I am a pastors kid and old ladies from church used to pinch my cheeks and say that I would be a pastor just like my dad. I said no. But I ended up saying yes. Now I give my life and career to train up disciples of Christ who will serve and teach others about Jesus. I have been humbled to see God’s favor on my life ever since I started to listen and obey the voice of God deep inside of me. I hope you will do the same. That voice is the Holy Spirit and he will speak to you. The very God that spoke the earth into motion will speak to you today.

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